Purging Duplicate Content From Your eCommerce Store: Standout From The Competition

Stand Out

The competition for online retailers is stiff, and isn’t getting easier. Executing on your marketing strategy is the key to success for your online business. We’ve learned that Google’s PageRank algorithm rewards unique content. One area where many retailers fall short are with their product descriptions, opting instead to use the manufactures copy. Standing out amongst the crowd of other retailers is easy with a little work.

Kate Morris for SEOMoz shares her insight on how to craft your product descriptions to increase your PageRank:

Duplicated content runs rampant here in the form of product descriptions. The manufacturer creates a description for resellers and that is what everyone uses. It’s sanctioned from the source and no writers are needed. Sounds awesome until the product is carried by hundreds of websites and everyone has the same content. Who should rank then?

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[photo credit: VinothChandar]

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